For all stages of life.
Modern living in Bernau, near Berlin!

Refugium Heideglück comprises four attractively proportioned townhouses, ideally located in a quiet area near the vibrant center of Schönow, the western District of Bernau. The property is adjacent to the Schönower Heide nature park.

Each building has 9 very generous condominiums, hence only three apartments per floor. With their functional layouts, they ensure self-determined, private, and comfortable living in all stage of life.


The town center of Schönow offers a good infrastructural environment, with the following amenities available within walking distance from Refugium Heideglück:

  • A convincing range of modern supermarkets: large REWE market, Netto (red and black)
  • Hairdresser
  • Pharmacy and Heidehof care service with the offer of home or day care
  • Medical care center with general practitioner, family doctors, physiotherapy, small outpatient surgery
  • Dentist, beauty salon, pet shop

Transport connections

Refugium Heideglück offers good transport connections to both Bernau and Berlin:

  • Bus station in Dorfstraße: lines 891, 900, 901
  • Bus station on Bernauer Allee: lines 868, 891, 899, 900, 901
  • S-Bahn Zepernick S2: reachable with buses 868 and 900 in 10 min. From there, with S2, to Berlin Hbf. approx. 35 min, to Berlin Gesundbrunnen approx. 20 min
  • S-Bahn Bernau-Friedenstal S2: reachable with bus 868 in 12 min
  • Regio connection RE3 Bernau: Berlin Gesundbrunnen 14 min Berlin Hbf. 23 min
  • Highway feeder in 5 minutes

Quickly accessible

A few minutes away by car or bus:

  • Immanuel Klinikum Bernau. among others with Heart Center of the state of Brandenburg (7 min away by car)
  • Varied range of cafes and restaurants, cinema (Filmpalast Bernau), bookstore with online ordering service, and nice little shops that invite you to stroll in nearby Bernau
  • Very good network of bike and walking paths into the nature reserve of the Schönower Heide
  • Beautiful bathing spots at Gorin-, Liepnitz- and Wandlitzsee

Unique Amenities

The thoughtful design of the spacious and open living areas, along with the bright rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens, meets all requirements for contemporary living.

In the selection of equipment features, care was taken to use selected materials from renowned European brand manufacturers.

The elegant bathrooms are lit with natural light through large windows and can be easily ventilated using a motorized system.

Equipped with floor-level showers and slip-resistant floors, they provide comfortable and safe usage, even for those using walkers or wheelchairs.

With a spacious storage room and various cupboard spaces, there is ample storage within each apartment.

The large balconies, and on the ground floor, terraces with private gardens, serve as peaceful retreats and offer beautiful views of the surrounding greenery.

All apartments are easily accessible via the elevator and are barrier-free on the ground floors.

For bicycles, walkers, or wheelchairs, there are bicycle storage areas with optional charging stations, also available for E-bikes.

Physical fitness can be maintained using the exercise equipment provided, and park benches offer inviting spaces for community interaction.

The different base colors of the 4 houses, which give each of the buildings a very individual touch, sensitively refer to the colorfeatures of the natural landscape of the nearby Schönower Heide.


  • Semi-matt lacquered oak parquet floors in living rooms and bedrooms
  • Italian porcelain stoneware in subtle natural colors in the bathrooms
  • Use of German quality brands for sanitary ceramics and fittings
  • Floor-level large showers with slip-resistant covering
  • Partially additional bathtubs (in the 4-room apartments)
  • The kitchen connections are extensively pre-installed
  • Telephone, television, and Internet connection via DNS-Net
  • Apartment entrance doors of the climate class C, sound and burglar-resistant
  • Modern intercom and electric door opening system
  • One key for all doors of the locking system
  • Burglar-resistant entrance door with overhead door closer, electric door opener, 3-fold locking and security fitting
  • Ground floor windows with lever protection and mushroom locks
  • The windows receive electric blinds
  • Windows made of low-maintenance plastic from German manufacturers, color design, in accordance with architectural concept; white on the inside, colored on the outside
  • Individual underfloor heating in each room
  • Additional towel dryers in bathrooms for extra warmth
  • Large, elegantly designed passenger elevator
  • Illuminated pathways and entrances with twilight and motion switches
  • Automatic staircase lighting via motion detectors
  • Concrete stone floors and anti-slip surfaces on balconies and terraces
  • Electrical supply and lighting on balconies and terraces
  • Top-floor heat protection through extensive, ecologically valuable green roofs
  • Bicycle storage areas with charging supplies for wheelchairs and e-bikes
  • High-performance data cables connected to the fiber optic network
  • Car parking space included with each apartment
  • Direct access to a large, landscaped park with native plants and pathways
  • Freely available exercise equipment
  • Benches provided for resting and neighborhood interaction

2-side-lit 3-room apartment by the park

Ground floor

1 Living/Dining 31.65 m²
2 Rooms 15.95 m²
3 Rooms 9.90 m²
4 Bathroom 7.65 m²
5 Storage 2.40 m²
6 Hallway 10.30 m²
7 Terrace* 8.00 m²
Total 81.85 m²
Garden 86.00 m²

*Terrace counted as 50%

2-sided naturally lit 4-room apartment by the park

1st floor

1 Living/Dining 31.65 m²
2 Rooms 16.60 m²
3 Rooms 12.30 m²
4 Rooms 9.90 m²
5 Bathroom 6.25 m²
6 Bathroom 6.95 m²
7 Storage/Laundry 4.05 m²
8 Hallway 12.10 m²
9 Balcony* 8.00 m²
Total 103.80 m²

*Balcony counted as 50%

2-sided naturally lit 4-room apartment with panoramic view

Top floor (2nd floor)

1 Living/Dining 31.65 m²
2 Rooms 16.60 m²
3 Rooms 12.30 m²
4 Rooms 9.90 m²
5 Bathroom 6.25 m²
6 Bathroom 6.95 m²
7 Storage/Laundry 4.05 m²
8 Hallway 12.10 m²
9 Balcony* 8.00 m²
Total 103.80 m²

*Balcony counted as 50%

Jetzt Kapital nachhaltig investieren und Renditechance sichern

In times of low interest rates, it can be a challenge to find meaningful investment opportunities. Despite regular contributions to retirement savings products or life insurance, there is often a certain level of uncertainty. Here, a direct investment in real estate can represent an attractive option that provides you with a certain degree of independence.

Real estate investments can go far beyond the desire to acquire your own home. This is particularly true in the current situation where financing conditions are favorable and the government has taken measures to make real estate investments more attractive. For example, the depreciation of new residential buildings completed after January 1, 2023, has been increased from 2 to 3 percent. As a result, the depreciation period is reduced from 50 to 33 years.

Our latest project, the Refugium Heideglück in Bernau bei Berlin, district Schönow, offers an excellent opportunity for a real estate investment. If you invest in one of our condominiums, you can use the rental income to repay the loan and build reserves for future investments. Once the loan is paid off, you can use the monthly rental income as part of your private retirement provision or consider the option of selling the apartment tax-free after ten years.

Real estate represents a secure investment and provides effective protection against inflation, while at the same time ensuring sustainable value appreciation in preferred locations. With our extensive experience and our sense for exceptional development potentials, you can count on high value stability and attractive return opportunities.

Take advantage of this opportunity to invest your capital in a robust growth market. Protect yourself from current inflation risks and benefit from tax advantages. Trust in our expertise and our commitment to ensure the maximization of your investment. However, with any investment, it is important to be aware of the potential risks, among other considerations, so that you can make an informed decision. Here are some, but not limited to, things to consider:

  • Market fluctuations: The real estate market is cyclical and can be influenced by external factors. However, these fluctuations can also offer opportunities, and careful market research can minimize these risks.
  • Maintenance and preservation of the property: The need for repairs or renovations may arise, but these can also increase the value of the property. New construction properties offer the significant advantage here that maintenance costs usually have a much better cost structure compared to existing properties.
  • Renting: There may be times when a property is not rented out. However, vacancies are usually a temporary phenomenon and can be minimized through effective property management. Thanks to our rental service, you can ensure that your investment is already rented out at the beginning.
  • Financial management: It is important to have a careful financial plan to ensure that you have a positive cash flow even with changes in interest rates or unexpected expenses. Thus, you should keep an eye on the financing costs so that they are covered at all times by the income from the property.

What you can count on:

  • Good locations with great potential
  • Commission-free from the owner
  • Attractive return opportunities
  • Uncomplicated overall handling
  • Strong partner network
  • Assumption of the initial rental

Attractive 3-room apartment

Bernau bei Berlin/OT Schönow

  • 81.85 m² living area
  • 86.28 m² garden
  • 8.00 m² terrace
  • Ground floor
  • 2 bedrooms
  • 1 living room
  • 1 bathroom


  • Parking space: €10,000
  • Purchase price with parking space: €398,000

Attractive 4-room apartment

Bernau bei Berlin/OT Schönow

  • 103.80 m² living area
  • 8.00 m² balcony
  • 1st floor
  • 3 bedrooms
  • 1 living room
  • 2 bathrooms


  • Parking space: €10,000
  • Purchase price with parking space: €475,000

House 1 | Completion of interior fit-out, remaining work for occupancy readiness
House 2 | Tiling work completed, parquet flooring in progress
House 3 | Tiling and painting work in progress
House 4 | Start of interior finishing


Houses 1-4 | Exterior shots


House 1 | Tiling work completed
House 2 | Screed work completed, painting work to be finished by the end of the 47th week
House 3 | Screed and facade work completed
House 4 | Plumbing, heating, ventilation rough-in completed, and facade work in progress


House 1 | Painting work in progress
House 2 | Plumbing, heating, ventilation, and screed completed! + External thermal insulation system (ETICS) / Facade work
House 3 | Plumbing and heating installation + Facade work in progress


House 1 | Sanitary and heating installation, screed completed, facade in progress
House 2 | Interior plastering completed, sanitary and heating installation in progress
House 3 | Electrical installation and roof completed, interior plastering in progress
House 4 | Window installation completed, electrical installation in progress


House 1 | Green roof and interior plastering completed
House 2 | Window installation and electrical rough-in completed
House 3 | Window installation in progress
House 4 | Construction completed


House 4 | Completed foundation slab

House 1 | Window installation and roof work in progress
House 2 | Shell Construction is completed


House 1 and 2 | Aerial views

Construction Project Heideglück

House 1 | Start of 1st floor
House 2 | Ground floor masonry completed


House 1 | Construction Start
Installation of sewer pipes + frost protecttion completed

Date Newspaper/Website Image Download Link
August 25, 2022 Inauguration of the Playground and Movement Paradise in Schönow PDF
March 24, 2022 The City Magazine #BERNAUER PDF
April 5, 2022 City of Bernau bei Berlin Design PlanFoundation stone laid for the playground PDF
Written by:
Mrs. Schach (City of Bernau bei Berlin)
April 5, 2022 Bernau Live Foundation stone laid for the playground Link
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